Thursday, October 19, 2017


We all talk of the NWO, or better said the Anglo-Saxon lust for a world domination (with a jewish component if you like although the word Jew has for long lost its natural meaning). I even mentioned as an opposite faction of World Order of the OWO, the European nobility and bourgeoisie of old that was the precedent force dominating the world. We even can speak of, and by the may more to the point, of an EWO, an economical world order that is what we have presently at the helm of everything around because, except in the Amazon jungle, eevrything has a price, even women, and without money, you're nothing. One cannot live without a bank account, no matter if it is in minus.

Humanity has always been materialistic and this is the only reason why, in our tech era, we are doomed as we feel we are. Man has never passed the point of possessing. Hundreds years ago, people wanted to possess land because there was few goods. Today, people still desire to possess material things. That is their goal. Nothing else. As I said, human beings are idolaters and this is the root cause of everything bad going around. The fight is to remind one another that before being material entities, we are souls, we are moral beings. What is important is the kingdom of spirit, of love, of giving.

I don't preach a kind of new age theory as many others do. Just read some of my precedent texts ... Evil is materiality, evil is in the surface, in the appearance. Good comes from inside, no matter who you are or how hou look like: this is the only real equality between humans, the ability to act as a good person and everyone has the same potential here. Consciousness is the level behind which everyone is equal.

Some are advocating now on Putin's path a MWO, a multipolar world order but don't be fooled, it will remain the same order of materiality run by money and controlled by arms, armies and laws. Our mouths are shut. The ghetto is everywhere because it is inside our strive for a material world, no matter who dominates it. No revolution, no secession can change that but an evolution from inside every single man and woman. And that process could still take millenias !!

Monday, October 02, 2017

Quantum collapse spawns gravity ?

HOW do you reconcile the two pillars of modern physics: quantum theory and gravity? One or both will have to give way. A new approach says gravity could emerge from random fluctuations at the quantum level, making quantum mechanics the more fundamental of the two theories.

Of our two main explanations of reality, quantum theory governs the interactions between the smallest bits of matter. And general relativity deals with gravity and the largest structures in the universe. Ever since Einstein, physicists have been trying to bridge the gap between the two, with little success.

Part of the problem is knowing which strands of each theory are fundamental to our understanding of reality.

One approach towards reconciling gravity with quantum mechanics has been to show that gravity at its most fundamental comes in indivisible parcels called quanta, much like the electromagnetic force comes in quanta called photons. But this road to a theory of quantum gravity has so far proved impassable.

Now Antoine Tilloy at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany, has attempted to get at gravity by tweaking standard quantum mechanics.

In quantum theory, the state of a particle is described by its wave function. The wave function lets you calculate, for example, the probability of finding the particle in one place or another on measurement. Before the measurement, it is unclear whether the particle exists and if so, where. Reality, it seems, is created by the act of measurement, which “collapses” the wave function.

But quantum mechanics doesn’t really define what a measurement is. For instance, does it need a conscious human? The measurement problem leads to paradoxes like Schrödinger’s cat, in which a cat can be simultaneously dead and alive inside a box, until someone opens the box to look.

One solution to such paradoxes is a so-called GRW model that was developed in the late 1980s. It incorporates “flashes”, which are spontaneous random collapses of the wave function of quantum systems. The outcome is exactly as if there were measurements being made, but without explicit observers.

Tilloy has modified this model to show how it can lead to a theory of gravity. In his model, when a flash collapses a wave function and causes a particle to be in one place, it creates a gravitational field at that instant in space-time. A massive quantum system with a large number of particles is subject to numerous flashes, and the result is a fluctuating gravitational field.

“A spontaneous collapse in a quantum system creates a gravitational field at that instant in space-time”
It turns out that the average of these fluctuations is a gravitational field that one expects from Newton’s theory of gravity ( This approach to unifying gravity with quantum mechanics is called semi-classical: gravity arises from quantum processes but remains a classical force. “There is no real reason to ignore this semi-classical approach, to having gravity being classical at the fundamental level,” says Tilloy.

“I like this idea in principle,” says Klaus Hornberger at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. But he points out that other problems need to be tackled before this approach can be a serious contender for unifying all the fundamental forces underpinning the laws of physics on scales large and small. For example, Tilloy’s model can be used to get gravity as described by Newton’s theory, but the maths still has to be worked out to see if it is effective in describing gravity as governed by Einstein’s general relativity.

Tilloy agrees. “This is very hard to generalize to relativistic settings,” he says. He also cautions that no one knows which of the many tweaks to quantum mechanics is the correct one.

Nonetheless, his model makes predictions that can be tested. For example, it predicts that gravity will behave differently at the scale of atoms from how it does on larger scales. Should those tests find that Tilloy’s model reflects reality and gravity does indeed originate from collapsing quantum fluctuations, it would be a big clue that the path to a theory of everything would involve semi-classical gravity.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


will be just as what has been ...

If anything comes to erase the US power, any disaster, either natural or man-made at that, China will become all of a sudden the first world power economically because only China can feed the world with the material goods it needs since the world's industry is there and nowhere else.

In such a case, Russia will hang on the Kremlin the military's sheriff star and, like China, no one else.

Then, since they will need to take on the Middle East from its former master, they, China and Russia will have to find a reason to confront Israel and for that purpose, the palestinian card is ready in advance.

That day will come sooner than later and when it happens, well, just guess ...

Sunday, August 27, 2017


There are 3 types of slavery: Familial, Societal & Institutional.

When the 3 are combined, this is what you get:

Humanity is and has always been made of idolaters for 99.9999999 ...% of its population.

Idolatry is the main disease of mankind.

Idolatry is responsible for ALL the crimes committed in the past, present & future.

Humanity has been forewarned of that by God Himself but none has listened, and certainly not those who claim themselves to represent the very God Who tried to save us by His words (Exodus 20/1-2) and actions.

Nothing except wrongs comes out of man save his understanding of Exodus 20/1-2.

The 2 first words (of the Ten) are the sole and definitive answer of Etienne de la Boetie's quest about the Why of Voluntary Servitude.

In summary, why men are slaves ?
Not because there are tyrants,
but because they are idolaters in the first place.

Friday, July 28, 2017


The world is in turmoil.
The world's masters are to blame, or aren't they ?
Who is driving the Humvee, who is holdding the M16, who is jumping from the plane or piloting it ?

Your nephew, your uncle, you, yourself ...
Realize that once & 4 all !!!
It's a man's world but women are as much guilty for they support the benefits of crimes.

Boycott is THE solution to eradicate the likes of Monsanto et al, but, first comes the army.
Let's say it again: No soldiers, No armies >>> No armies, No wars.
What I say is true from North to South, East to West.

Saturday, July 01, 2017


Moscow is today right downwind from the Chernobyl forest fires but,
the day before yesterday, the wind was blowing east/south-east 
and it was Minsk, Vilnius & Warsaw ...

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Britain, that is at it since, since one remembers, wants more wars. Britain's raison d'être lies in its out-seas' oppressive power. And not only Britain is destabilized in its nest right a hundred years after it allowed in lace the present players ( Jordan, Israel, Saudi-Arabia ...), Balfour declaration and others, the West, the Anglo-West I mean, is losing ground. America is behind ... in free fall. Europe still exist but it has de-facto seceded. Asia is mostly angry at Anglos, and not only thanks of their present of Muslim terror ...

In a world Brexit did mean war, as I said a year ago, or didn't it ?


Sunday, June 25, 2017




Why is the Anglo-American NWO in bed with Sunnis Arabs ?

Cause both desire to conquer the world by death and slavery 

of their respective infidels,

including their own populations by the way.

Friday, June 23, 2017


All in all, Rotschild's name may be indeed of Frank origin ...

Clovis' wife who was born in Lyon, France, was named Clotilde. 

However, her name at the time was written 

Crotechildis de Burgundia,

from the Burgondes tribe of northern Europe, nowadays Poland,

that gave their name to Bourgogne after they emigrated south, 5th century CE.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Britain, USA and their allies, mainly, Sunni terrorists, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan … are spraying the world with filth: arms, wars, poisons, prostitution, drugs, viruses, corruption, illusions …

It is the alliance between their governments and corporations with the bankers’ money. The people of these countries are complicit, actively and passively, either by working for them or by accepting the results.

More and more, the people are turning idiot because perpetrating or accepting crimes is erasing the soul of its innocence, of its ingenuity. Little by little, people are becoming more complicit, more passive until they become zombies.

All the Eastern people already are and have been apathetic somehow by nature. Africa has remained until today bogged down by its traditions of individual violence and idol worship. Europe is doomed by its thirst of material life, the continent of bourgeoisie. South America is drowned in its recklessness and North America by its vanity.

Humanity, while evolving from peasantry to city dwellers has lost the proximity, the respect of nature to fall into the trap of so-called civilization that turns out to be a world of insanity, of despair. The powerful have seized the trend to exacerbate it and make it unavoidable, both by outside force and by inside desire since nothing else remain from the natural human being in our twisted world.

Taught history does not reflect the hijacking of humanity and the majority of people believe that the desperate world we live in is a natural result of evolution. So no one knows what to do against that path and, even if someone proposes ideas to change it, they won’t accept them because they are persuaded all is normal.

But no, man is not confined in error. Error is not human, contrary to the saying. Error is the result of forgoing one’s nature and the studying of what must be done to evolve on a right path together with the transmission of real knowledge by good men and women, by elders. Unfortunately, it may take a week to become fat but a decade to lose it. Same for immorality. It is easy to perpetrate a crime but it takes a long long time to redeem it, if possible.

But, nothing is sealed forever and the power of the powerful could be taken down quickly. The only question is: are people able to replace it with good deeds and not with terror as had been the case following the French revolution ?

This is why, when you want to change something, you should not fight against it but work to create the contrary, and become slowly but permanently the opposite of what you hate by leaning toward the right behavior, by learning the good habits, by thinking positively. The day enough people will reveal themselves to be what they hope to, the change will become possible durably and the occasion to throw down the evildoers will not be lost.

However, there is so little hope …

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


My take is too simple for the vanity of man. People want to consider themselves at the helm. My opinion is that of infinite humility with one and only choice: join God’s lifeline or get lost. 

Nobody is ready to buy that, even a four year’s old. Human want to consider himself 
as valuable by his deeds, as someone who weight on his own … 

No way, no such thing under the sky, forget about it. 
The only choice is: choose what is, choose life that is embedded in your person, 
because only life set you free. 

Whether one wants to consider himself as an independent creature, he loses all.

I am nothing by myself. Life is all. Man is less than an ant if he doesn’t abide 
by the principle of life. Man owes all from life. 

Nothing exists out its realm. 
Every action, every thought, every move outside life is literally non-existent, illusion.


Monday, June 19, 2017

New World Order v. Old World Order

Original text of the article posted at

One cannot understand the current geopolitical events without asserting the view 
I try to succinctly present in the following text.

Everyone is speaking of the New World Order. Two questions arise about it:

1. Before the NWO, what kind of a power was in charge of the World Order, if any?
2. Is the NWO united ?

The NWO did appear around the nineteen century and it took the shape of different alliances before becoming the one we know. If the French revolution can be considered as the first lever to undermine the pre-existent traditional powers, it is not before the beginning of the 20th century that it morphed into the Anglo-American domination of the world that has been since then the mightiest sheriff of our planet.

Its roots as everyone knows lies in the alliance of the money powers of the German Jews and the military naval domination of the seas by England - that later was translated to the USA. Before that, there was no vacuum in the domination of the people of Europe and the main agent were the descendants of the Franks together with the Catholic Church that lasted one thousand years. All the European kings were family connected and, despite their wars, it was them that ruled the ancient world.

One man tried to erase this force by hijacking the French revolution and fighting both England and the remaining kings of Europe in an attempt to set Europe free from their world views, Napoleon Bonaparte. But he failed because, on this occasion, England financed the armies of the ancient kings to get rid of him.

But this one time alliance between England and the European kings could not last since the goals of the money lenders was to undermine all the European countries in order to reign alone. Then, the European nobility, embroiled in their divisions continued to fight one another, without noticing how much they were helping the British strategy in doing so. The First World War was the first involvement of America on the world stage as a main power that culminated with the Second World War and became on this occasion the main world power that has stayed at the wheel until today.

The Anglo-Saxons have led the world from the First World War and they are what we call the NWO. But, the kings of old together with the Catholic Church never accepted their demise and remained united underground since then. They are what I would call the Old World Order. 

So, to summarize, the NWO now comprises England and the nations of the former British Commonwealth, the Jewish bankers and Israel, the USA and the Sunni monarchies led by Saudi Arabia, Jordan and a few allies like Poland, Japan, and South Korea. The OWO, Old World Order, includes for its part most of European countries, Russia and its allies like China, Iran and the Shiites, Turkey, the Catholic and Orthodox churches although the Catholic authorities are divided much like Italy on the subject.

The NWO despite their success has made several mistakes, some planned but others not. Nazism was their creation meant to defeat the last European king as well as putting Europe on its knees after the Anglo-American victory. That succeeded. But, the overtaking of Russia by communism failed to remain directed by them and they had to plan their first culture change to get rid of it. What they did not manage to achieve was keeping the Russian federation under their boot. Russia became independent and turned back to its old European Christian roots while it moved to regain the second military power it had when it was the USSR.

One can also differentiate them on their principles that are, for the NWO the desire of a global hegemony based on commercial domination and ideas/cultural hegemony (Orwell like) and for the OWO industrial mastery laced with state preponderance.

Meanwhile too, the European countries got more and more angry to remain dependent of the Anglo-Saxon NWO and jumped on the occasion of the renewal of Russia on its old basis to begin secession from the NWO. That is precisely what we are witnessing today. Brexit was an effort from the Anglo-Saxons to regain their independence from the European countries that, on the example of Russia, have a desire to manage themselves the European power. Trump’s election was another card from the Anglo-Saxons to try a less aggressive policy with the Old World Order rising from its ashes, but to no avail.

The NWO is now moving to fortify its assets and regroup as much as it can as we can see in the incredible new talks between Saudi Arabia and Israel. The NWO monopoly is definitely broken and we can expect growing conflicts between the two factions, especially this year that is the hundred year’s anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. We should not expect Britain and America to let go their slightest assets and, in this perspective, the war in Syria might become incredibly awful until it could lead to a Third World War mostly because the NWO has no time waiting that Russia’s military become more powerful day after day.


"Intriguingly, Mr Macron's comments came just hours after Wolfgang Schäuble, the powerful German finance minister, sent out an identical message – saying the UK would find “open doors” in Brussels if it decided not to leave the EU."

Trade talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia mark a historic first

"Moscow is still waiting for an explanation from Washington about the downing of a Syrian warplane, the Russian Foreign minister has said after talks with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian."

"There is currently no viable alternative to Bashar Assad to prevent Syria from turning into a failed state, the new French president has said, departing from his predecessor’s position that the Syrian leader must be toppled to stabilize the war-torn country."

As a final thought, 

- no one seems to understand that the slogan of Obama's election could have been identically the same for Trump: "Change we believe in".

- just as no one seems to understand what I tried to explain above, yeah, really no one, although it looks quite simple and obvious !!

Now, let me answer to that poor guy named Andrew, the first comment on Makow's site:

First Comment by Andrew

Avi Gleitzer's summary of history is intriguing, because he asks the right questions. I'm not convinced there ever was an Old World Order. Today, world domination is based upon Anglo-American supremacy of three industries (energy, munitions and drugs) and its mastery of psychological warfare.

1000 years of domination from Kings and Clergy is not a World Order … Gosh, if not, what is !!

Wrong again, the two levers of Anglo-Saxon’s domination are, one, money power and commercial control and two, army technology. Rest is blablabla.

F William Engdahl asks the same questions in his new book, The Lost Hegemon. He concludes Anglo-American supremacy is fading fast to be replaced soon by a multipolar world where China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa and Brazil will increasingly counter-balance Anglo-American hegemony.

My boy, speak in your name before bringing third party, especially of the kind of Engdahl, a self-applauded pundit who’d better plant carrots.

WW III is not an option, because nuclear deterrence will prevail and bring leaders of the world to their senses. Lost hegemony temper tantrums are just not an option.

Uh ! bring to their senses people who kill their own population like in 9/11, who destroy entire civilian nations like Indians or Yemen or Vietnam, short memories and ignorance if you bring in the picture Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the Nazis’ 2nd WW …

Lost hegemony temper tantrum

Tell that to my dog but not to a Rockfeller, a Rotschild, a Bush, a Hillary …

Conclusion: Total idiocy, thanks. Next ?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

GOOGLE "YEMEN ATROCITIES", if you dare ...

There is right now under our own very eyes a country, 

a people that is dying in the most horrible conditions ever: 


This so-called man who is looking for causes to support, 
Jeff Bezos, 

and all the others able to help should do something for that. 
All the rest is nothing in regards.

Shame on the world for letting this happen,
and Shame on Israel for letting its fucking government
forging ties with Saudi Arabia
under this circumstance

and not helping Yemenites
among whom Jews found a shelter
for hundred of years
before the present time

and shame on the Anglo-Saxon led mayhem.

Friday, June 09, 2017


What is driving down humanity ?

Lust for materiality, be that power, goods, money.

There has never been so many billionaires than today. 
Louis XIV would be nowadays a beggar ...

Sky high taxes should be imposed on big profit, 
corporate as well as individual.

And no taxes on expenses that only hurt the poor and the needy accordingly, 
no VAT, no nothing.

No States, no centralized government, everything local
in the hands of communities.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

The cat that hated people

I used to have a link of my favorite cartoon on but, unfortunately, it is no more available ...

"due to issues with the item's content" !!!

What kind of an issue could that be, uh !

If you want to guess why, there is a nearly inaudible Youtube version taken in a Disney movies drive-in ...

Ah, Tex Avery, we miss you !

Sunday, May 28, 2017


America has never been so racist as today, even in the times of slavery.

Evil is in man's hands.

Today's destroyers of mankind are mainly Anglo-Saxons 
and their allies with first in line Saudi Arabia.

What they do to Yemen is a crime against humanity and will be one day of reckoning 
prosecuted at an even higher level than Nuremberg - that was a joke BTW.

Southern trees bear a strange fruit

Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black body swinging in the Southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant South

The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolia, sweet and fresh
And the sudden smell of burning flesh!

Here is a fruit for the crows to pluck

For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for a tree to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

Billie Holiday                                              

Saturday, April 08, 2017